Information is Power

At MasTek we believe that helping organizations with the creation, management, maintenance, protection and distribution of reliable information empowers the enterprise.  The empowerment of information leads to an increase in productivity, better decision making, and promotes a successful business environment. Information is the currency of today’s world leading organizations.

Icon Asset Management

  • Mission critical systems design and deployment
  • Engineering content and facility data asset management
  • Infrastructure assessment and planning
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Icon Regulatory and Compliance

  • Power Grid Reliability and Cyber Security Standards advisory
  • Policy procedure and sustainability support
  • Compliance audit and mitigation resources
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Icon Power Grid Services

  • Power system design, testing, and diagnostics
  • Control systems design, integration, and support
  • Microgrid development and support
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Icon Cyber and Physical Security

  • Critical infrastructure protection
  • Access control, intrusion detection, CCTV
  • Network isolation and hardening, event monitoring
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To our Clients:

You are our first priority. We will collaborate with you, our clients, as partners by identifying, providing and supporting technologies that will assist you in achieving success with your core business.

“Communication, Teamwork, Accountability, Enjoyment, and Commitment for Complete Client Satisfaction”

–MasTek Credo