California Department of Water Resources

Compliance Program Implementation

MasTek Professionals provided services to the California Department of Water Resources (CDWR) for the implementation of North America Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Cyber Security and System Reliability Program. Services provided by the MasTek Professionals consisted of:

  • Project Management – Provided Project Management overseeing multiple contractors with onsite full time consultants working on multiple task orders servicing multiple departments. The effort was to design and build a Reliability Compliance Organization to support NERC Reliability Standards and CIP Security Program. Developed and coordinated the execution of mock audits and audit readiness plans.
  • Cyber Security – Assisted in the definition of Critical Assets and Critical Cyber Assets and Electronic Security Perimeters as per NERC guidelines.
  • SCADA System Landscape – To identify the Critical Cyber Assets, MasTek conducted a SCADA system review and documentation of all servers, workstations, PLCs etc. The information was compiled and incorporated into a comprehensive State Water Project SCADA Landscape report.
  • Organizational Change Management – Conducted Peer utility organization visits to demonstrate to CDWR how other utility agencies had their reliability compliance organization structured. A recommended organization was designed; chartered and staffing plans were developed.
  • Policies and Procedures – Designed an umbrella policy framework and wrote policies and procedures in support of CDWR’s Reliability Compliance Program. The policies and procedures addressed Critical Infrastructure Protection, Cyber Security, Change Control, Compliance Enforcement, and Audits.
  • Compliance Management System – Developed a requirements document for a Compliance Management System. Developed the proof of concept and is supporting the deployment of a Compliance Management System using a Documentum platform.