Cyber and Physical Security

MasTek Professionals are available to support both your cyber and physical security needs. They will work with you to evaluate and assess your organization’s security requirements, and they can help you locate and eliminate system vulnerabilities before attackers discover them.

Cyber security services may include the following: identifying cyber assets that require protection, identifying electronic security perimeters, isolating protected networks, implementing electronic access control and event-monitoring tools, conducting vulnerability assessments, and developing cyber security policies and procedures to enhance and sustain your cyber security program.

Physical security services may include the following: identifying facilities, sites, buildings, and rooms that require physical protection, conducting physical vulnerability assessments, designing and engineering physical access control systems and CCTV, and coordinating and commissioning systems.

  • Access Control and Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Closed Circuit TV * Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Critical Cyber Asset Identification
  • Network Isolation
  • Electronic Security Perimeters
  • Physical Security Perimeters
  • Security Information and Event Monitoring Systems