Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

Critical Infrastructure Protection

In support of LADWP meeting its obligations for adherence to NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection Cyber Security, MasTek has provided a wide range of advisory and technical consulting services. They include:

  • CIP Compliance Implementation – MasTek provided consulting and advisory services for the development of the FERC/NERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission/North American Electric Reliability Corporation) CIP (Cyber Infrastructure Protection) requirements for bringing LADWP to the status of “Substantially Compliant”.
  • High Voltage Converter Station Cyber Security – MasTek provided and advisory and technical services for the development of the cyber security processes for LADWPs two high voltage converter stations, Adelanto and Sylmar. Services consisted of; review of NERC CIP standards, CIP procedures, operation procedures and developing action plans to tighten cyber security processes at the facility. A major effort was to securitize the Electronic Security Perimeters at both station. MasTek assisted in the deployment and configuration of two Electronic Access Monitoring Systems (EAMS), Industrial Defender and Tripwire.
  • Critical Facility Physical Security – MasTek provided Project Management, Design Engineering and System Commissioning to support the LADWP’s Physical Access Control System (PACS) and Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) upgrade project. Services provided consisted of design engineering of PACS and CCTV systems for over twenty facilities, commissioning of the installed systems, PACS Lenel software upgrade, and NERC Cyber Security compliance support. Design consideration was given to NERC CIP Physical security requirements. Additionally, Physical Security Perimeters (PSP) were documented to meet CIP compliance evidence collection requirements.