In May of 2006, our founder and President Miguel Soto began his company MasTek, Inc. from his home office. A Professional Electrical Engineer for over 30 years, Mr. Soto has built his career on maintaining quality relationships with his clients and employers and consistently presenting exceptional work ethic. Now, we are over 20 employees strong, have expanded to a quaint office in Monterey Park, and have our consultants operating from Downtown Los Angeles to San Diego.

With the establishment of MasTek, Mr. Soto had the goal in mind not of financial success, but of sharing the love among his clients and employees. Customers first, employee satisfaction, and enjoyment are the most important pieces of the MasTek model. As an employee-owned consulting firm, we strive to provide the highest quality of consulting services, in a compassionate and professional manner, to each and every client we serve. Within the workplace, we aim to nurture a work environment where every employee is valued, respected and encouraged to reach their full potential.

We at MasTek are a family, and after a decade our family continues to grow through professional work and a contagious joyful spirit. We look forward to the next ten years being even more rewarding as the last, and are always optimistic to what the future will bring.