Metropolitan Water District

Weymouth Solar Plant (3 MW AC) 

MasTek team members were involved in Design-Build of two separate solar fields with 10,780 large, sun tracking panels at the Metropolitan Water District’s F.E. Weymouth Water Treatment Plant in La Verne. The 3-megawatt solar installation covering 15.5 acres will generate about 6.5 million kilowatt-hours(kWh) of clean, renewable energy a year, offsetting nearly half of the plant’s energy demands. The two separate solar fields feature a total of 539 sun-tracking systems by Nextracker that allows the panels to follow the sun’s path from east to west, producing 25 percent more power than fixed panels. Each tracker supports a string of twenty 315-watt panels and generates 12000kWh of electricity a year. This solar plants will eliminate about 1,900 tons of carbon dioxide every year, equivalent to the emissions produced by burning 2.1 million pounds of coal and produce electricity equivalent to power 930 homes.

In support of the project, MasTek team members provided following services

Construction Management

Electrical Engineering and Design

Interconnection (with Southern California Edison)

Instrumentation & Control (SCADA)


As-Build Consolidation