San Diego Gas and Electric

Substation Process Solution

MasTek provides a wide range of Substation support services to San Diego Gas and Electric as a partner to Electrical Consultants, Inc. The services that encompass the initiatives are described below.

Substation Design Construct Coordination – MasTek professionals support SDGE with the development, distribution and coordination of construction projects. Projects range from new stations to modifications of existing stations, new bank installations, control system updates and relay protection systems. Documents prepared and managed are project bid specifications, engineering design sets, review of bids and advise as to contractor selection.

Substation Process Solution Definition – MasTek professionals support SDGE with developing a Substation Process Solution (SPS) to support SDGE’s design build efforts for power substations. The deliverables and services consist of identifying and document existing processes such as; design drawing version control and distribution, project progression status, material ordering and tracking.

  • Manufacturer drawings, cable lists, and bill of materials administration.
  • Identify both manual and automated tools used for each process
  • Identify process gap opportunities that are considered as automation candidates
  • Research automation tools and scenarios to be considered

Develop SPS Requirements document consisting of:

  • System goals and objectives
  • List of required functions and capabilities
  • Corporate system interface requirements

SPS Design and Implementation Plan

After the SPS Definition document, MasTek professionals developed a system design that consist of having design Strategy Session with stake holders to review:

  • Business Processes
  • Technology Gaps
  • SPS Requirements
  • Automation Scenarios

From the design session and final deliverable is the development of a detailed implementation plan consisting of the following:

  • SPS System Components
  • Phased Implementation (pilot, limited, full)
  • Schedule
  • Budget

SPS Deployment

MasTek is supporting SDGE with the deployment of the SPS consisting of the following:

  • Acquisition and development
  • Pilot project
  • Limited initial deployment
  • Full deployment
  • Training and support