United States Interior, Bureau of Reclamation

Upper Colorado Document Management System

MasTek professionals have provided a wide range of systems integration services to the United States Department of Interior Bureau of Reclamation. Services were in support of the Agency’s Reclamation Electronic Document System program at the Upper Colorado Region.

  • Advisory Services – These services consist of workshop participation, project strategizing and planning sessions. Various deliverables were developed such as strategy documents, project plans and scoping documents.
  • Solution Design – Working closely with end users, MasTek professionals have provided environment design definitions and prototypes. The environments consisted of IBM’s FileNet enterprise document, records and drawing management technologies.
  • Data and Documentation Migration – For all system components, MasTek has provided data and document migration services that supported the population of documents and official records.
  • Production Deployment – As system components began to be configured in a production environment, MasTek has performed the installation and custom configuration for REDS. Each production configuration went through a formal acceptance testing process.
  • Training and Support – MasTek professionals developed custom end user guides for each system component and conducted end user training as system components are rolled out.